Seaports Magazine, a publication of the American Association of Port Authorities, has several articles in their Fall 2007 edition about the economic impact of and need to protect working waterfronts.

America’s ports are our gateways to the world and a critical
component in the nation’s economic health and national defense. When ports are impacted, there is a quick and sizable ripple effect throughout the economy.
— Gary LaGrange, Port of New Orleans, page 25

Turning a working wharf into residential or commercial use can
signal the death knell for a port. Once waterfront property is
taken out of maritime use, it is almost impossible to return it to
cargo-handling activity. Residents who willingly sign a disclosure
statement acknowledging that their new condominium overlooks
a working wharf may eventually tire of the noise and diesel
emissions and could sue to stop expansion of port facilities.
— Bill Mongelluzzo, A developing situation, page 35

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