Our open letter to Mayor Cicilline, the Providence City Council, and state economic development and energy officials:

Dear elected leaders and officials:

The Port of Providence is a vital regional economic resource that must be protected. Why? Because Providence’s working waterfront is:

  • Responsible for hundreds of millions of dollars in total economic impact for Rhode Island and greater southern New England.
  • Responsible for hundreds of direct good paying blue collar jobs and thousands more related jobs for tradesmen, truck drivers, and service technicians.
  • The main source of home heating oil for more than 450,000 Rhode Island customers, and the only source of backup fuel oil for hospitals, universities, and utilities.

Unfortunately, the City of Providence is currently considering zoning changes that would threaten to replace this economic engine with high priced condos, hotels, and marinas.

This gentrification of Providence’s working waterfront is shortsighted. While condos, hotels, and marinas may increase the city’s property tax revenues, they will come at the expense of existing businesses, good paying blue collar jobs, and a state and regional economic resource that will never be rebuilt. The costs to Rhode Island and the region could be immense, as thousands of port-related jobs could be lost and heating and energy supplies could run dangerously low.

Rhode Island needs real economic development, not more luxury condos. Please protect Providence’s working waterfront and the jobs, energy resources, and economic benefits it provides for all of Rhode Island.


The Providence Working Waterfront Alliance

Take Action! Call or email Mayor Cicilline and the Providence City Council and tell them to protect Providence’s working waterfront!

Mayor David Cicilline: 421-7740, mayor@providenceri.com
Providence City Council: 521-7477, council@providenceri.com

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