Unlike Providence city planners, who only envision luxury condos, hotels, and marinas as the future for our industrial waterfront, the city of Boston has protected its marine industrial resources and is now seeing that investment payoff. In September, Boston officials approved a $130 million Boston Cargo Terminal project:

After years of proposals and approvals for mostly mixes of luxury residences, hotels, and office developments on the harbor’s edge in the city, traditional water-related activities have made a distinct comeback along an 800-foot dock in the Boston Marine Industrial Park.

The new Boston Cargo Terminal, as the facility is to be called, will have multiple tenants including those handling seafood. It will accommodate ocean, truck, rail, and air transportation and – though no tenants have been disclosed – is expected to have seafood processors, cold-storage facilities, and warehouses.

Yesterday, the city approved a $130 million plan by the developer, Marine Terminal Development LLC, for three buildings totaling more than a half-million square feet, and a 4.3-acre bulk cargo facility to import and export concrete materials.

In addition to the cargo terminal project, Boston officials are busy promoting their Marine Industrial Park and are reviewing several proposals for large-scale maritime and industrial projects.

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