At a recent presentation to the members of the Newport County Chamber of Commerce, Rhode Island Economic Development Director Keith Stokes noted the importance of investing in our state’s shipyards and ensuring that local zoning supports these businesses. As reported in the Spring 2010 edition of the Newport County Chamber’s Business Journal:

Over recent decades, much of the commercial shipbuilding and other marine trade activity has been lost in Rhode Island. To grow the Ocean State’s marine industry, Stokes advocates that we invest in the remaining three large shipyards in Providence Harbor, Quonset Bay and Portsmouth’s Melville area where mega – yachts are currently fitted out and serviced. We also need to ensure local zoning continues to support this type of business activity. Stokes advocated for Quonset’s port utilization as a Short Sea Destination. Large container ships can offload in Newark, New York, or Boston. Trains and/or small container ships would bring goods to Rhode Island port saving shippers significantly versus using traditional 18-wheeler trucking.

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