As reported in the Providence Journal, the three major Providence mayoral candidates — Steven Costantino, John Lombardi, and Angel Taveras — all oppose plans to rezone Allens Avenue to allow for incompatible non-industrial uses.

And all are opposed to Mayor Cicilline’s proposed rezoning of the industrial South Providence waterfront, which would allow bars, restaurants, hotels and other non-industrial uses.
Primary for Providence mayor is tough to call, Sunday, September 5, 2010

Democratic mayoral candidate Rep. Steven M. Costantino said last week that he is opposed to Mayor David N. Cicilline’s plan to rezone the industrial South Providence waterfront to allow for bars, restaurants, hotels and other non-industrial uses . . .

Fellow Democratic mayoral candidates City Councilman John J. Lombardi and Angel Taveras, a former Housing Court judge appointed by Cicilline, have also stated their opposition to the mayor’s proposed rezoning plan.
Costantino opposes waterfront rezoning plan, Monday, September 6, 2010

Mayoral Candidate Statements On Allens Ave’s Working Waterfront

Steven Costantino

Costantino will work with business to develop jobs along a working waterfront

Jobs speech:

And our waterfront is flush with opportunity for sustainable jobs. There is no doubt that a working waterfront is part of the comprehensive and smart plan for this city’s economic development.

John Lombardi

2007 comments and vote against comprehensive plan with Allens Ave waterfront changes:

Some council members have argued that the city doesn’t need to submit the plan in stages at all, and can wait for the neighborhood planning process to conclude. Councilman John J. Lombardi said last night that the city does not need to rush things, as the current plan should still function legally and govern local development even though it has expired.

“To go forward as we are, it may just be unwarranted and inappropriate,” Lombardi said.

The plan was passed 10 to 3, with several council members saying that they did not see the need to pass the plan now, and urging their colleagues to wait until the charettes are completed.

“Now is not the time to turn our backs on our neighborhood. Let our citizens be heard,” said Councilman Kevin Jackson, who was joined by Josephine DiRuzzo and John J. Lombardi in opposition.

Angel Taveras

Protect Providence’s Working Waterfront from development that could endanger the industrial productivity of the Port of Providence.

Jobs & Economic Development speech:

(6) I will protect jobs at the Working Waterfront – an invaluable economic asset for our city – from development decisions that would endanger the industrial productivity of the Port of Providence.

Notes opposition to mixed-use zoning in 10 News Conference interview (at 20:45)

10 news conference

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